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Marcus and I have been married 12 years. We live in Lake Forest Ca where we just bought our last house and love it! We have three adorable yet active children. Overall we are a typical LDS family.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Finally I am posting some pictures from Disneyworld. We had a great time even though it rained almost everyday we were there. That's right record rain while we were visiting. We hope to go back sometime.

We ate in Japan at Epcot all the kids tried there chopsticks. even I ate with them (rubberbanded of course by the waitress) The kids had a great time watching the chefs cook the food and it was very yummy. We are going to try to go to a place in CA that does the same thing any suggestions??

Our hotel room. It was a pirate theme and very cute. The kids loved it!

This is how we spent most of our vacation in our panchos. This was a dry moment for us at Epcot.

One of the days we ate in Cinderella's castle. Of course we did have 7 boys and 2 girls and both are tomboys, so I think the meal was more for us so we could eat in the castle. The food was good and I think they all had a great time when they werent posing for pictures with the princess.

Magic Kindgdom on our way out to catch our bus to the airport. We ate lunch in the park and then were on our way to a long flight home. Little did we know then that it would start pouring rain and our flight would be delayed an hour or so. They do look cute though sitting with Goofy!


Kathryn said...

What an fun vacation!! The kids in their matching shirts - SO cute!! :)

Jyl said...

When I think of disney land I think of you! hahah, even in the rain! Youre so fun!

Trask Family said...

You consider being with 9 kids a vacation?! What a woman. Guess that's why you sent your kids to Mesquite with grandma and grandpa huh. I'm sure you had a blast anyway.

The Crazy Wyatt Fam said...

How fun! I am so jealous! That sounds like an amazing vacation! Even if it was pouring on you!!