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Marcus and I have been married 12 years. We live in Lake Forest Ca where we just bought our last house and love it! We have three adorable yet active children. Overall we are a typical LDS family.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


After we did the Birthday Party for Isaac and Lukie we went on some rides together and met Brittany and the kids with my Mom. We had a great time and enjoyed all the decorations and time together

Scarlett and Nathan really take to eachother at Disneyland and I thought it was so cute that during Haunted Mansion and before and after they were walking togethe with there arms around one another. Who knows.....

Nathan helping Scarlett into the ride they are so cute
Jay Jay on Alice in Wonderland he is so adorable

Nicholas, Scarlett and Jake enjoying Small World with the Christmas decorations

Brydee on The Winnie the Pooh Ride she is such a cute little princess

Isaac's Family Party

The Sunday before Thanksgiving we did a family birthday party at My Mom's house. Jeff and Brittany were there with the kids and we had a great time. Isaac loved his presents and his brownies for a cake.

Present from Aunt Jill
Kaelyn Jills little one

Isaac blowing out his candles on his brownie cake
Thanks Aunt Brittany for making them!

Scarlett and Kevin with Brydee and Jay Jay aren't they all adorable

Isaac gift card from Grandma for Target he had a great time spending it

Isaac's Birthday Party at Disneyland

Before Thanksgiving Laura and I decided to take the kids to Disneyland to celebrate Isaac's 10th birthday and her son Luke's 4th birthday. We thought with Thanksgiving and all it is easy to over look there birthdays. We had a lot of fun and we all got to decorate and eat our own cake. (I changed the batteries in my camera and didn't reset the date so don't pay attention to that)

Isaac's cake
Isaac and Lukie enjoying there cake, they were both a mess

The Birthday Boys

The Cake we decorated. It was actually pretty good.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving this year was at our house with my family the Davey's. We had 19 people schuduled to come and at the last minute my Mom and Aunt Keri were sick. We missed them, but still had a full house and a lot of fun. We had three tables set up in our house (becuase it decided to rain the one weekend I wanted to eat outside) plus a food table. It was crowded, but I think we made it work. We had a lot of fun and I love hosting everyone at my house. Hopefully one day soon I will have a house to do it at!!!!
**Thanks Brittany for the pictures I some how forgot to take some!!

My little sister Amy and my sister in law Brittany

Me and Brittany

The girls making their crafts before dinner. Brydee and Scarlett

One of the tables in the front room

Sunday, November 23, 2008

We love you Adele

I wanted to update all my family and friends about my good friend Erin Neumen's Mom Adele. Thank you so much for the prayers that were said on her behalf. Adele did pass way Thursday afternoon 11/20 with all her family around her. She was an amazing person and touched many lifes. She was a huge inspiration and I try to follow in her footsteps in many ways. Thank you Adele for all you have shared with me and done for me over my life. I love you and your family very much.

Adele with my friend Erin
The Neumen Family

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Primary Program

Last Sunday the 26th My kids did their Primary Program. Of course they were the cutest and did awesome. I love this Sunday. Isaac gave a talk on how to prepare now to be a missionary. It was so cute and great. He wrote it all by himself.
The funny thing is that Scarlett's class is the most intertaining class in primary and there are two classes younger. All the kids in the class are very interesting including my daughter.

They sure do clean up nicely!!!

Perfect Paxman Chidlren !!!!
Kevin 8** Scarlett 6**Isaac 9

My disclaimer for her wearing the dress happily. SHe will only wear it since it has black dogs on it. Her hair she let me put it in a braid like Anakin Skywalker's hair. Otherwise it is shorts, t-shirt and a ponytail for this girl.

Annual California Adventure Trick or Treating

Courtney Davey as the Wicked Queen and me as the Old Hag
If you notice the sign in the background we had to take a picture here.

Another picture with me holding the poison apple this time

One more to look at. We had someone taking pictures as well.

Right before we went into the park.
This is our 3rd year going to Disneyland's California Adventure park to trick or treat with my friend Laura and her kids. Yes we made the dwarf costumes and yes we have all 7. Infact since she had the baby we had to add some other things to our list for our Snow White theme. Laura's neice Brooke came with us so we made her The Magic Mirror. Mirror Mirror on The Wall.......etc
Since Courtney and Mike came with us (No, none of our three husbands dressed up, party poopers) Laura and I made the Hag Costume as well. For some reason I am always the bad guy! Then of course the baby was the poison apple. It was a very cute costume. I have to say that Laura and I were very proud once again, as we have been the last two years of our costumes. We even had 7 anonymous people that we know of snap a picture of all of us. One lady added her little girl who was dressed as Snow White as well to the picture it was cute. There was also a cast member who remembered us. Thought I would brag for a minute about our costumes. We love it and will do it again next year.

Dinner with the Elders

My friend Laura and I have been threatning our kids that we were going to dress up as Hannah Montana and her friend Lola. So the other day we decided to go to the thrift store and find some lovely 80 style clothes. I think we would of had better luck at Target, but it was cheaper. I will post a picture later, but I did get a pink wig to go with my pink outfit. The other day we had the Elders over for dinner and they had to put the wig on. So I thought I would post a picture of them. They are going to send a copy home to their Mom's.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My list of 8

I saw this on my Aunts blog and thought I would do it. I love getting to know things about people from there 'lists' enjoy if you like......

Eight favorite TV shows (once I started I didn't realize how tough it was to put only 8)
1. Biggest Looser
2. House Hunters
3. Wheel of Fortune
4. Bewitched
5.Till Death
6. King of Queens
7.The Office
8. Seinfield

Eight favorite Restaurants
1.Bagels and Brew (a local bagel place that I must go to at least once a day)
2. Red Robin
3. Olive Garden
4.Mexican food there are a few for that
5.The Beach House (on Kauai)
6.Brick Oven (on Kauai)
7. Gaylords (Kauai)

Eight things I did yesterday
1.got ready
2. went with my kids to Bagels and Brew for Brunch
3. took all the kids to Ralphs to sell popcorn for cubscouts
4. bought a gift for a party I was attending
5. took popcorn back to Laura's
6. drove out to Corona for a BINGO party
7. had a lot of fun at my aunts Bingo party
8. came home and caught up on e-mail til 1:30 am

Eight things I love about fall (if it ever comes to CA)
1.cool weather
2. not having to run the ac
3. being able to open up all the windows in my house for fresh air
4. kids not being all sweaty and stinky from the heat
5. Thanksgiving and Halloween
6. baking
7. cuddling up with a blanket and watching a movie
8. the time change

Eight things I look forward to
1. Winter
2. Disneyworld
4. candy cane cookies
5. Christmas songs in church
6.trick or treating at Disneyland with my kids and the Kings and Mike and Courtney
7. Chrstimas letters froms friends and family
8. having Thanksgiving with my family

Eight things on my wish list
1.buy a house
2. get completly out of debt
3. decorate my house how I wish
4.loose weight
5. have more paitence with my kids
6. have better mannered kids
7. Come to peace with myself
8. Have more neices and nephews around!!!

Eight people I tag
1. Jill
2. Courtney
3. Brittney
4. Ali
5. LeAnne
7. Cristtin
just because I didn't write your name you can still do it. I will be checking blogs to see I love reading about my friends and Family Love you all

Monday, October 6, 2008

My visit with the Neumen Family

I would like to post a comment about my good friend's Mom. This past weekend I went to visit with Erin and her family and her mother who was just diagnosed with a brain tumor. It was a heartbreaking and very emotional moment for me. Adele wasn't able to talk when we got there (my mother in law and I) but she did look at us. I had a hard time coping with it all since Erin and I have been friends pretty much since birth. To see her Mom in a sick state was very emotional for me. I am writing this without going into too much detail to ask for your prayers on her behalf. I know that a lot of you don't know Erin and her family, but I know they would greatly appreciate any prayers that are sent their way. The Dr gave her only a little time left so we are all hoping for a miracle.

Scarlett and Family Prayer

This is how Scarlett said her prayer the other night. We have taught her over and over again about how to be reverent. There are some days that it isn't a problem then there are days like this where she just does what she does. She is interesting to say the least.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Finally I have a piano!!

Thank you Richard and Genevieve for giving us your piano. I am so happy! I have wanted one for years and knew we couldn't afford a new one, and I was so excited when I heard you wanted to get rid of yours. I am taking lessons again and my goal is to be able to play for church. I think the best calling would be Primary Pianist. Now I just have to brush up and learn to play well enough. As we al know they never turn down someone willing to play piano. I also want to tell Marcus, Mike, Richard and Justin thank you so much for moving the piano last Friday. I know it wasn't easy, but it made me so happy! Who would of thought!
(don't mind the candy corn they are tags for my kids teacher's gift for Halloween)

Scarlett's Birthday Party

Scarlett has changed her mind probably 100 times from her last birthday till this birthday as to what she wants to do for her party. I have learned the hard way not to buy in advance as I just loose money and can't convince her to switch to my idea. So when she said she wanted to do Build A Bear I jumped at the oppurtunity and booked it asap so she couldn't change her mind. Luckily she is always asking me to take her to Build A Bear Workshop so I knew I should be safe.

I love that Jake is such an oppurtunist. No wonder Marcus favors him! (This was before my neices arrived from Simi Valley)

Scarlett picked the Halloween bear and I can't remember what she named him, I am sure she has forgotten as well. (She does that and changes the names here and there)
I want you to notice the outfit she chose for him. I said he looked like a Christmas Halloween Cat a little confused. I tried to get her to put him in a costume, but no way!
This is the autograph bear all he friends did at the party Yes she chose It's the Best Day Ever for her cake. She wanted it on all her cakes she had for her parties. It is from Sponge Bob it is a song he sings. I also would like to point out that she is wearing one of her dog shirts that is long sleeves and it was probably in the 100's that day. She is a character. I wasn't going to fight her on her party!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Scarlett's Family Birthday

On Sunday the 7th we had my family over for Scarlett's 6th birthday. She wanted to have sour cream, tomatoes, salad, (lettuce), cheese, chips, and quacamole for those that like quacamole. If you didn't like quacamole then that was ok you didn't have to eat it. Those were her exact words so we had tacos. I figured some of us might want meat and beans with all the rest of that stuff. She loved every minute of it and all the attention she received.
Of course we did something on her actual birthday at the park with her friends and that is when we gave her her presents. ( I forgot my camera after running around all day so Laura took the pictures I need to get them from her)

This is from Amy Grandma and Grandpa. She loves it!
Great Grandma gave her a family of pigs that she can only look at. She loves them and wants to play with them very badly.
The little girl next to Scarlett is Morgan a friend from my Mom's ward. They are the exact same age (days apart) so my Mom thought it would be fun to bring her for Scarlett's birthday. She gave Scarlett the beanie baby she is holding and already had them named for Scarlett. They are two of a kind.
She wanted a white cake with white frosting dyed pink. I talked her into the Barbie candies (she doesn't even like Barbie) cause I told her she could get two packs since they were on clearance!
Happy Birthday Scarlett! I can't believe my baby is 6 I am feeling so old!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Girl Scouts

Scarlett started Brownies at the end of school this past year of Kindergarten. She is loving it. Here are some pictures of her before attending the firedepartment with her Troop.

Isn't she adorable. She loves it!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

First Day of School Finally!!

Finally my kids started school! Yeah we were all excited and a little nervouse to get going to our new grades. I have to say I really enjoyed my Day without my children around. Marcus and I went to breakfast at Ruby's right after we dropped the kids off at school. Then Laura came over with her two youngest boys and we baked a cake for the kids and went to lunch. By the time we were done with lunch we rushed home frosted the cake and had to leave to get the Big Kids. It went fast I will tell you that!

Isaac first day of 4th grade he is officially an uppergrader!

Kevin's first day of 3rd grade!
(I want yo to know that the stains by the light switch don't show up with normal light. After I saw these pictures I have been scrubbing it and taking new pictures to make sure it is gone! What a pain a hidden stain!)
Scarlett's first day of 1st grade! ALL day School Yeah!
Final shot before summer is over!
Cake Laura and I baked. She decorated it!

After school cake! My kids, Laura's boys and Donna's girls
Who doesn't fit in the bunch, Isaac with dark hair!!