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Marcus and I have been married 12 years. We live in Lake Forest Ca where we just bought our last house and love it! We have three adorable yet active children. Overall we are a typical LDS family.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back For Now

Well not much has been going on with us lately. I just thought I would post something before it becomes a year since I have posted. I will have to take some recent pictures and post them. Hopefully I will be motivated again to keep this updated.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sleep Over at Grandma's

Last weekend my Mother in Law had my kids come out with their cousins (Todd's Kids) for a one night sleepover. I dropped them off Friday afternoon and we picked them up Saturday night. They had so much fun and were seriously so excited for this sleepover. I think the anticipation for this event was better then Christmas. Who knew.
Saturday my Mother in Law and Brittni and Danique took the kids to a water park near their house in Corona. They had a great time with their cousins

Keri and Isaac best friends and cousins

Scarlett and Ally best friends and cousins

Rock on Baby

I think Kevin was shooting Michael Todd

Paxman kids minus a few

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bailee Jaine

Here is the newest member of our family Bailee Jaine daughter of my brother Jeff and his wife Brittany. She was born at 12:06 in the morning on July 22nd.
7lbs. 7oz. 18 1/2 inches long

Big Sister Brydee and Bailee they are so cute!!

Brittany, Brydee, and Bailee the Davey Girls!! Love it

I have to say I am so excited to go visit them and hold the baby. I wish they lived closer Imiss the kids a ton. They are so cute and funny. Love you guys!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Famous Kitchen

Today Marcus was talking with a co -work who was telling him about a seminar he went to last night with our Realtor. He said that there was a guy there talking about Kitchen remodling when all of a sudden a picture of our kitchen shows up. Our Realtor says to the friend hey I just sold that house to Marcus and Stacey. Sure enough he went up to the guy after and it was our kitchen. Apparently the Remodlint company A Plus Kitchen didn't know the house was sold and made a comment about having permission to take people through the house at any time to show off the work. Our Realtor quickly said that the house was sold to us and we have three kids so probably not a good idea. Can you imagine someone showing up with me in the shower and Isaac letting them in to take a look. WOW. Anway if you are interested follow the link and check out picture # 22 (thanks Grandma) http://www.aplushomeimprovements.com/Orange-County-Kitchen-Pictures-1.html We thought it was pretty funny and told the kids we had a famous kitchen =)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Till We Meet Again

As I previously posted my sweet sister in law and dear friend Natalie has passed on. As some of you have experienced before me the loss of someone you are close to, you knowthe pain and sorrow of missing them. She was truly the sweetest person I ever met. She was loving and kind to everyone. She was one of the few people who would watch Scarlett for me when she was a baby. Natalie never complained about it even when Scarlett was chopping at her own fingers on her counter! She took care of me when I was pregnant with Scarlett cleaning up after me and watching my boys. She never complained when she would help anyone in the family. She loved to clean and was great at it. She always had a clean house and loving smile on her face. Natalie you are missed by many and loved by all who have met you. I am so greatful to know that I will see her again in the next life. Till we Meet Again

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Finally I am posting some pictures from Disneyworld. We had a great time even though it rained almost everyday we were there. That's right record rain while we were visiting. We hope to go back sometime.

We ate in Japan at Epcot all the kids tried there chopsticks. even I ate with them (rubberbanded of course by the waitress) The kids had a great time watching the chefs cook the food and it was very yummy. We are going to try to go to a place in CA that does the same thing any suggestions??

Our hotel room. It was a pirate theme and very cute. The kids loved it!

This is how we spent most of our vacation in our panchos. This was a dry moment for us at Epcot.

One of the days we ate in Cinderella's castle. Of course we did have 7 boys and 2 girls and both are tomboys, so I think the meal was more for us so we could eat in the castle. The food was good and I think they all had a great time when they werent posing for pictures with the princess.

Magic Kindgdom on our way out to catch our bus to the airport. We ate lunch in the park and then were on our way to a long flight home. Little did we know then that it would start pouring rain and our flight would be delayed an hour or so. They do look cute though sitting with Goofy!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


As most of you know these past few months have been very crazy for our family. We finally moved into our new house and we love it! The kids had spring break and we had a great time spending it with the Paxman side of our family. Jacque and her girls came down from Utah to visit and we had a great time seeing them as well as the rest of our CA family. Then Tragically on Friday my sister in law Natalie ended her life. It was a very sad and traumatic event for our family. Needless to say we have been very busy from moving to speniding time together as a family. This has been a really har month for us with a lot of emotion and questions. I am not sure how many of you knew my sister in law with the red hair (that is how most people remember her), but she was an amazing mom and friend. She will truley missed by alot of friends and family members.
The kids and I also preformed our first play at the School. Laura and I wrote, directed and choreograhed the show. I am glad for it to be over, but we had a blast working with the 65 kids that signed up. Over all it went well and I think turned our pretty good for a first show. Next year we will know more of what we want and what we don't want after doing it once.
On a happier note the kids and I are leaving on Thursday for DisneyWorld with the Kings. Marcus will be joining us later and we are so excited. It will be a great break from the crazy life that has been here.
We love you all and I am sorry I haven't update my blog in awhile. I promise to post pictures after our trip and try to be on top of keeping it update.