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Marcus and I have been married 12 years. We live in Lake Forest Ca where we just bought our last house and love it! We have three adorable yet active children. Overall we are a typical LDS family.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


After we did the Birthday Party for Isaac and Lukie we went on some rides together and met Brittany and the kids with my Mom. We had a great time and enjoyed all the decorations and time together

Scarlett and Nathan really take to eachother at Disneyland and I thought it was so cute that during Haunted Mansion and before and after they were walking togethe with there arms around one another. Who knows.....

Nathan helping Scarlett into the ride they are so cute
Jay Jay on Alice in Wonderland he is so adorable

Nicholas, Scarlett and Jake enjoying Small World with the Christmas decorations

Brydee on The Winnie the Pooh Ride she is such a cute little princess

Isaac's Family Party

The Sunday before Thanksgiving we did a family birthday party at My Mom's house. Jeff and Brittany were there with the kids and we had a great time. Isaac loved his presents and his brownies for a cake.

Present from Aunt Jill
Kaelyn Jills little one

Isaac blowing out his candles on his brownie cake
Thanks Aunt Brittany for making them!

Scarlett and Kevin with Brydee and Jay Jay aren't they all adorable

Isaac gift card from Grandma for Target he had a great time spending it

Isaac's Birthday Party at Disneyland

Before Thanksgiving Laura and I decided to take the kids to Disneyland to celebrate Isaac's 10th birthday and her son Luke's 4th birthday. We thought with Thanksgiving and all it is easy to over look there birthdays. We had a lot of fun and we all got to decorate and eat our own cake. (I changed the batteries in my camera and didn't reset the date so don't pay attention to that)

Isaac's cake
Isaac and Lukie enjoying there cake, they were both a mess

The Birthday Boys

The Cake we decorated. It was actually pretty good.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving this year was at our house with my family the Davey's. We had 19 people schuduled to come and at the last minute my Mom and Aunt Keri were sick. We missed them, but still had a full house and a lot of fun. We had three tables set up in our house (becuase it decided to rain the one weekend I wanted to eat outside) plus a food table. It was crowded, but I think we made it work. We had a lot of fun and I love hosting everyone at my house. Hopefully one day soon I will have a house to do it at!!!!
**Thanks Brittany for the pictures I some how forgot to take some!!

My little sister Amy and my sister in law Brittany

Me and Brittany

The girls making their crafts before dinner. Brydee and Scarlett

One of the tables in the front room