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Marcus and I have been married 12 years. We live in Lake Forest Ca where we just bought our last house and love it! We have three adorable yet active children. Overall we are a typical LDS family.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Family trip to Kauai

For my parents 30th anniversary we went to Kauai Hawaii! My mom wanted all of us her five children and all her grandkids to go, but we weren't all able to go so just a few of us went. Marcus and I went, my sister Jill and her husband Paul, and their little girl Kaelyn. My parents and my sister Amy. My brother Mike and his wife Courtney watched the children while we were there. Thanks a million Mike and Courtney!

I can't remember what waterfall this was, but it is pretty!! This is how green most of Kauai is. It is by far the greenest Island that Hawaii has to offer, I am sure it helps that it has the wettest spot on Earth!

This was the view from our Hotel Room. Poipu Beach, isn't it beautiful!

Yes there are wild Chickens everywhere. Even in some of the Reastraunts. Most of them look like Roosters, but as my grandma was saying their has to be females somwhere to keep them coming! FYI the chickens are wild from Hurricane Iniki it let them all out of there coops and they haven't been caged since. This chicken happened to have 4 chicks following it you just can't see them, that picture didn't come out!
Paul was taking our picture at BrickOven Pizza I think it is one of the best places to get Pizza! My grandparent's took my cousin and I there when we went to visit many moons ago. Thanks!
Happy 30th Anniversary Mom and Dad
This was taken right out by our ocean front seat at The Beach house. It was a great reastraunt, with a beautiful background. I wish you could see the ocean it is right there!

Monday, August 25, 2008

What does GWTW mean?

I thought I would answer a few of your frustrated questions. GWTW stands for
Gone With The Wind my all time favorite book and movie! I wanted something different in my title since I will be the only one posting, I am sure Marcus never will. So now the mystery is solved for those that don't know. Those that know me really well should of figured it out! =) j/k

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wii Fit

After Grandma's Birthday my family stayed and we all played Wii Fit find your inner peace game. It was hilarious to watch everyone try to sit still and not move. We all did pretty good, but of course there were a few of us that beat the candle. (You have to stay still until the candle melts all the way down.) I have to say that the Wii fit has been the best purchase ever. We all love to play it. Thanks again Damon I owe you one!

Dad trying to concetrate he did a good job and almost beat Mikes record. He claims it is from having to do radiation and staying still during it!!
Kevin or Bonski as Mike calls him looked so cute trying to concetrate!!
Scarlett was adorable of course and lasted only a few seconds!
I can't remember if Amy beat it or not to be honest. I have to say that she made me laugh and I almost lost it with her comment of I wonder if you fart if it will sense your move!
Mike had the high score until Mom took another turn
Isaac did a good job and it was cute to watch him sit still too.

SO the winers are................

Now the winners....

Mom was the first one to beat that level, but it wasn't her first turn. Good Job Mom!

Then on my First turn I beat it as well.
Courtney also beat it on her First turn.
Pretty good for all of us girls!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Grandma Schultz Birthday

Today we celebrated my Grandma Schultz Birthday. Tomorrow she is turning @#@. She doesn't like to tell her age, but I tell her when people don't think you are as old as you are then you should tell them your age. If you look good why not share right? She loves Mickey so we did a Mickey theme. We had sandwiches for dinner and my Mom brought cake and cupcakes for everyone. We had a great time with all my CA family here. We missed Jeff and Brittany and family.

Mickey Mouse Table before dinner
Boston Cream Cake and Cupacakes with Micke Candle of course
Balloons the helium was gone in the little ones I was mad.
Scarlett wanted to be with the cupcakes!! Chocolate her favorite!

Thanks everyone for coming!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Breaking Dawn "SPOILER"

This is my rant about the book. So if you haven't read it yet then don't read the rest of my post. WARNING!!!!!

I have to say that I was dissapointed in the last book of the series. Yes I did want Bella to be a vampire like most of us did, but I think the baby thing with Renesmee was sorta strange. Am I the only one that thought that? Just one of those things that I am not sure a vampire should be able to father a child know what I mean. I also thought the Vulturi was way out of line when they came and were ridiculous. I want to know what happens now with them through the centuries and how she deals with not getting older with her Dad. I am glad that I read it and would read another one if there was another one in the series. I just thought it was a little too out there. Sorta like Indiana Jone and the Crystal Skull I was very dissapointed with that too. I feel the same about them both it could of been a little more along the lines of the rest of them. Maybe I am just going overboard here. I am curious as to what you all thought that read it. Thanks Stacey

Friday, August 1, 2008

Mud Park

Yesterday Thursday Laura and our friend Michelle took our kids to Adventure Playground in Huntington Beach. It is a Mud park and the kids had a ton of fun. It reminded me a lot of the "Disneylands" we use to make it our backyard as kids. I am sure my cousins and brothers and sister know what I am talking about. Infact I think ours was a little better just no rafts. I remember my Grandma and Grandpa Kleven taking us to one when we were younger I wonder if it was the same one?? Wouldn't that be cool.

My kids before we left clean and happy
Scarlett and Mia on the rafts in the pond
Here you can see the pond with the tire swing in the back and the rope bridge over to the left
You can see the bridge better here and behind me is a water slide. ( a hill with a black tarp that goes into a mud whole)
This is where they let the kids build and saw the wood. The older girls had fun doing this.